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E N E R G Y  A N A L Y S I S

Our firm provides energy analysis services. We examine both existing buildings and campuses for energy retro-fits, and new facilities and additions to existing facilities for energy performance projections. Our analyses leverage our firm's 12 years of field experience in architecture, engineering, and construction of projects in New York City and throughout New York State.

Through cost-shared funding, the firm's 2002 energy analysis projects include:

Scarsdale Office Building
100,000 SF multi-tenant office building Ice Plant: off-peak power to supplement building cooling

Yonkers Private School Campus
40,000 SF administration building
Replacement of boiler plant with local, roof-top, gas-fired units

Westchester Public School Campus
Transformer replacement, and daylight sensors on lights

Salvador Behar Architects is the architect for several energy-efficient buildings and site installations, all undertaken within the last three years. This page features three such projects, currently in design or recently completed. The rendering depicts the zoning envelope for a variance scheme for a parcel fronting Central Park in NYC. The hotel / office building includes a multi-story atrium, introducing daylight to the center of floor plates. The night time photo is taken at the New York City Aquarium, where the firm has designed and constructed site-wide and exhibit lighting, a project which combines energy efficiency measures with an extension of available time of facility use, increasing revenues. The other two photos show the new Elephant Restraint Building at the Bronx Zoo, a concrete building whose concrete mix substitutes an industrial by-product, flyash, for 25% of the cement content of the concrete.